Me, and my namesake Paulo off on the Kigamboni Beaches. I felt so welcomed here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. (2/2016)

Me, and my namesake Paulo off on the Kigamboni Beaches. I felt so welcomed here in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. (2/2016)

Biography - 

Born and raised in Chicago by second-generation natives, Paladin has spent much of his life learning and working to enrich the communities he calls home. His early childhood was spent absorbing the importance of living a life of service and community nourishment through his parent’s eyes. Paladin, an early academic and athletic standout received his Bachelors degree from Indiana State University while attending on a Track and Field scholarship.

Upon completing his time at Indiana State, Paladin spent a short time in Chicago, finding and refining his skills and his passions. Soon, in 2008, he resurfaced in Boston, working for a national nonprofit organization. Here, Paladin was able to work nation-wide with youth leadership groups, and provide them with mentoring and leadership development training, services, and skills.

Paladin eventually moved on to direct community action work as a New York City Public High School Teacher. Working with students and families ages 16 – 21, providing special education, instructional, and academically empowering curriculum and programming services. It is during this time that Paladin began his study and review of academic practice and theory, eventually receiving his Masters degree in Secondary Education with a focus on students with disabilities.

Paladin has since embarked on traveling the world, learning and practicing life-changing personal discovery and development methodologies, and working to develop and invest in community enrichment programming. He continues to work to bring about powerful and productive programs and services to communities most in need. From scholarship drives, community events, personal development workshops, to graduate school lectures, Paladin continues to invest his time and energy into the development of himself and the people around him.

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