My Everyday Health & Fitness Journey

My Everyday Health & Fitness Journey

Good day everyone - Sitting here in my apartment. And all I can think about are the many years I’ve put into this craft. What makes me “good” at this thing called everyday health and fitness is that I know the amount of years I’ve invested into this. I’m nowhere close to perfect, I’m nowhere even close to where I want to be. If you ask me, I still don’t eat as nutritiously as I would like. I’m definitely nowhere near as strong as I would like to be, or as strong as I think my body can be. I also don’t believe in myself and show love to myself to the degree that I know I deserve or would benefit from. To put it plainly I love where I am, and definitely still need work.


The one thing that makes my journey different now is that I have finally accepted the fact that I know my body. I have built an amazing connection between my mind, my body, and my outside world. My body has opened doors for me in ways that have allowed my mind to flourish.


For example, here I sit, confused because my body knowledge, something I’ve obtained over 2.5 decades of growth has created the most viable avenue for my self-employment and entrepreneurship. I kind of hesitate to take such a huge lead based off something that uses my body knowledge more than my mind-knowledge. But for me, I’ve been building this connection for so long that it may actually be the best route for me to have impact and change the world.

How to Steal Ideas Just Like Your Role Model!

How to Steal Ideas Just Like Your Role Model!

The one thing your fitness motivation does that you should be doing too.

Role models do the hard work of highlighting the path so those that follow don’t have to.

Role models do the hard work of highlighting the path so those that follow don’t have to.

Family, listen, I almost never want to go to the gym. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but its not always my favorite thing to do. I still battle being too self-conscious for the gym, sometimes over thinking my workouts, or sulking about how slowly I’m making progress on my goals if at all. Maybe you can relate? Something tells me you might be able to relate.


Well, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to when I was a young whipper snapper in my grad school learning how to be a teacher. One of the tips and strategies we were deeply encouraged to internalize was to steal from other teachers. No, not their belongings or anything of value. But steal their lesson plans, teaching methods, hell steal their seating chart, anything that worked for them could possible work for you too. Anytime we saw a method that jived with our own goals and practice, we were encouraged to take it, and modify it for our own use. Why remake something from scratch when you can more easily use the mold someone else has already made for you? This is Mentorship 101.



How does this apply to fitness and life in general? Glad you asked! We millennials have grown up in a time where we have experienced life before the internet and social media, and now after! Educators and researchers everywhere are describe the changing of the guard now that almost all forms of information is accessible 24/7 at your fingertips. The Health, Fitness, and Personal Development industries are no exception.


Our current social media-era has created an explosion of fitness stars, models, and leaders all sharing pictures, tutorials, videos and content to help the average person also meet their fitness goals. Let me let you in on a little secret. They, those stars, models, & influencers want you to save their pictures, and aspire to attain their physique and better! They want you to aspire to be like them! They want you to watch their workout videos and try some of them yourself the very next day! They want you to look at their meal plan, and try a few new things to help you get 1% closer to your goals! They’re putting it out there so that the willing and able can plug in any holes in their current routines to better reach their goals.



Sometimes I talk to people and I ask them if they have pictures of their goals. Most times they hesitate and say they can locate them and send them. Once I started getting comfortable using others as inspiration I shamelessly became a screenshotter, question askers, and serial best practice explorer. I wanna encourage you to use your social media to not just connect with friends, but to connect with people that represent you and help you feel like you can live your healthiest, wealthiest, most abundant life! In whatever realms and dimensions that serves you. Friend them, save their content, screenshot and video snap their strategies, comment and engage on their posts, share them with your friends and see what everyone else thinks.


Do so un-abashingly and you just might get bold enough to try their tactics on as your own! Now wouldn’t that be something. ;)


If this helps you even 1% more to move into your dreams and your purpose leave me a comment about who you’re motivated by and how they’re helping you push toward your goal(s)!

Always, much love, and even more respect.

- Paladin


My #1 trick to overcome gym-related fear and anxiety!

My #1 trick to overcome gym-related fear and anxiety!

What to do if you're new or anxious about going to the gym.

Shout out to everybody looking to get back into the gym. No matter if this is your first time in the gym or if you've taken a few months off - end of the year is always a time when we start reflecting on our goals and how much progress we’ve made over time. 

Every year you've made the goal to get in shape, to use that gym membership you keep paying for, and to truly invest in the everyday health and fitness habits that will help you create the physique of your dreams.

It was this time last year when me and a few friends made a pact to go in the gym in December. We supported each other from afar by posting pics of our workouts on social media and tagging each other. The powerful momentum I’m coasting on now was built during this very time last year. If I can share anything with you, its no matter how advanced you are, that first day back is always the hardest, and its always intimidating.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 2.51.34 PM.png

But here’s the secret that I’ve learned from years of starting and stopping my training. The way to build confidence in yourself is to be bold and just get yourself to the facility for your first day. Just arrive! Your successful arrival is the first major win of the workout.


I know you’re thinking ok. But what do I do once I get there?

I got your back there too! :)


As you step foot into your training facility. I encourage you to use the following routine anytime you're feeling new and foreign in your gym of choice.

Day 1: Use day 1 to (re)learn your gym. Do a walk through of the complete facility. Take notice of the following:

  • Cardio stations, Stretching stations, Free weights, Machines

  • Take notice of the Locker Rooms, Showers, Bathrooms, Water Fountain, & Sauna set up.

  • Where are the women mostly congregated? Where are the men?

  • Are people focused and comfortable?

  • How social are people being in the gym?

  • Are people of all sizes, shapes, and ability levels present and working out?

  • After completing your walk through, I encourage you to do a cardio workout. This will give you time to acclimate to the gym, and give you a station where you can observe and assess the gym and its patrons for 30 minutes.

  • AFTER your cardio, I encourage you to go home and rest. Reflecting on your positive workout experience of the day.

Day 2, the very next day, your goal is to goto the gym with your new-found knowledge, and hopefully confidence in yourself. Here your goal is to do a workout with weights! If your gym has machines, choose 4 machines, and work through each machine doing 3 sets of 8 – 10 reps. You do not need to do specific machines, and you do not need to be perfect. The whole reason why everyone (beginner - advanced) is in the gym is to work on building a more perfect healthy form. But in order to do that we must struggle and fail. So throw the perception that your workouts must be perfect right on out the window.


Day 3, perhaps after taking a rest day, return to the gym, now with even more confidence. If you enjoyed cardio, feel free to do some more. If you enjoyed the machines, feel free to do some more. Stretch yourself again on day 3 by visiting the free weight section. Attempt to do at least 2 different exercises using free weights, fill in the rest of your workout with activities you feel comfortable doing, that also test your strength and abilities.


By Day 4, you should own the gym! This gym is yours. You are no longer a newbie, and you are no longer someone who doesn’t know what you’re doing.


A simple rule. I suggest for a quality workout program is this:

  • Workout at least 3 days a week

  • For at least 60 minutes per day

  • Completing at least 5 different exercises

  • Using a 3 Sets by 8-10 reps program.


I challenge you to take that first trip back into the gym. I encourage you to look those fears and doubts right in the eye and say “Fuck you fear! Fuck you doubt! I’m a beast and I will turn my vision into reality!”

Or… maybe you could say a more PG-13 version. Whatever floats your boat.

So jump in there fam. I have faith in you, and I know you can knock this out. Comment below if you have any questions, and feel free to let us know how your 1st day back in the gym felt!



Clarify your vision:


Clarify your vision: to accelerate toward success!

Have you ever felt like you needed help, but didn’t know where to start?

Well, if you’re like me and consider yourself a goal-oriented person, then you may have forecast your life out so well that now that you’ve accomplished everything you need help conjuring up a new, next-level, vision for yourself.


When I was younger, I naively was able move through life setting goals, and then just moving off the strength of my smarts, and little bit of hustle to scrapbook them together. It didn’t really matter what arena the goal was in. Whether it was finances, professional accomplishments, sports, relationships, health, academics, whatever. I would think of a broad goal, and then shoot for the stars to get there.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that strategy. That strategy works, and deserves respect. However, I’ve recently discovered the power of developing a clear and pristine vision for my goals. Some people may hear vision statement when I say that. Some may hear vision board. Others may hear visual/visible. For me, right now, I’ve been combining all of the above, to help me fabricate and craft my clear vision and target markers. This has helped me immensely in my smaller day to day actions that in reality bring the larger vision to life.


This visual vision has been paramount in helping me move toward my goal in all moments of my day. To craft this vision I’ve worked to do the following many times over:


1 – Journal about whatever I want to come to fruition.

2 – Read and Research about others that are working toward a similar vision and/or already made it happen.

3 – Watch videos depicting my vision being made in real time by people that do it.

4 – Talk to people that have my vision and/or are also actively working toward it.

5 – Sign up for activities and experiences that get me closer to my vision in some way shape or form.

6 – Over time, create the language to explain my vision clearly to someone if they were to ask me what I was looking to accomplish.

7 – Embed a pictorial/emmersive visual of myself living in my mind.

8 – When pressed with hard decisions, choose the side of someone who already has accomplished my vision more often than not.

9 – Identify and repeat positively affirmations which depict me having and owning my vision in present time. [Ex: I am a millionaire, I am a men’s physique champion, I am a business owner]


Above you’ll find quite a few different strategies and starting points you can use to clarify the vision for your life. The year isn’t over yet. And there’s never a better time than the present to invest in bringing your greatest vision of yourself to light.


Try one of the strategies listed above today. Drop your comments and thoughts below.




Welcome to the platform -

Welcome to the platform -

This is so weird to write. But it shouldn’t be.


When I look at my social profile, I don’t think it expresses the full depth of the person that I am. I don’t want to say that I feel stuck in the physical realm. The reality of my life is that I’m not. But looking at my social media, and my profile, that is obviously what people would get from what they seen.


Well, I’m currently in a space where it feels urgently important to share with you a fuller version of who I am. For instance, while I am a personal trainer and bodybuilder. (Which is still a crazy title to take on) I am also a graduate school professor. I teach for the Education department of my alma mater Long Island University - Brooklyn. I’m also a consultant for an education non-profit. They contract my time out to different schools and non profits to facilitate professional development workshops, and provide staff coaching services.


Part of my purpose in life is to share with you all what I’ve learned in these spaces. I love helping others learn, and I don’t know if you all know this about me. But, I actually received my masters degree in the art of teaching and learning. As a graduate student I studied how humans learn, and how to build programs to teach & mold them. This resulted in my book Knowledge Hacking, which I self-published back in 2016.


I have also been on a personal journey to become an entrepreneur and businessman with over seven different streams of income. I dream of designing a life where I capitalize on my skills and talents, and share them with my peers in a way that empowers you reading this to be your best self. To meet your highest expression of YOURself. I plan to change the world by helping my peers uncover and refine the special skills they have to lead in this world.


Last not definitely not least, as I settle into my early 30’s I have really engaged with a lot of personal development practices, coaching, & tools. I have grown so much and gotten so much more sure of myself that I know its important for me to share these tools and strategies with you. Again, helping you fine tune and recalibrate yourself into who you know yourself to be!


Part of why I know its important to share this message is because, I feel like I communicate an improper message with my social media. When people approach me, even people that know me in real life, they ask me about personal training, and that’s cool. But I want to make sure that I shape my platform in a way that it allows me to share all aspects of me. If you like what I share about fitness, I’m hopeful that you’re encouraged by all the other things I share as well.

I’m excited to be on this new journey with you! Its definitely a tool I’m using to purposely make me grow ;). Check out my book Knowledge Hacking if you’re interested in learning more about that.