Welcome to the platform -

This is so weird to write. But it shouldn’t be.


When I look at my social profile, I don’t think it expresses the full depth of the person that I am. I don’t want to say that I feel stuck in the physical realm. The reality of my life is that I’m not. But looking at my social media, and my profile, that is obviously what people would get from what they seen.


Well, I’m currently in a space where it feels urgently important to share with you a fuller version of who I am. For instance, while I am a personal trainer and bodybuilder. (Which is still a crazy title to take on) I am also a graduate school professor. I teach for the Education department of my alma mater Long Island University - Brooklyn. I’m also a consultant for an education non-profit. They contract my time out to different schools and non profits to facilitate professional development workshops, and provide staff coaching services.


Part of my purpose in life is to share with you all what I’ve learned in these spaces. I love helping others learn, and I don’t know if you all know this about me. But, I actually received my masters degree in the art of teaching and learning. As a graduate student I studied how humans learn, and how to build programs to teach & mold them. This resulted in my book Knowledge Hacking, which I self-published back in 2016.


I have also been on a personal journey to become an entrepreneur and businessman with over seven different streams of income. I dream of designing a life where I capitalize on my skills and talents, and share them with my peers in a way that empowers you reading this to be your best self. To meet your highest expression of YOURself. I plan to change the world by helping my peers uncover and refine the special skills they have to lead in this world.


Last not definitely not least, as I settle into my early 30’s I have really engaged with a lot of personal development practices, coaching, & tools. I have grown so much and gotten so much more sure of myself that I know its important for me to share these tools and strategies with you. Again, helping you fine tune and recalibrate yourself into who you know yourself to be!


Part of why I know its important to share this message is because, I feel like I communicate an improper message with my social media. When people approach me, even people that know me in real life, they ask me about personal training, and that’s cool. But I want to make sure that I shape my platform in a way that it allows me to share all aspects of me. If you like what I share about fitness, I’m hopeful that you’re encouraged by all the other things I share as well.

I’m excited to be on this new journey with you! Its definitely a tool I’m using to purposely make me grow ;). Check out my book Knowledge Hacking if you’re interested in learning more about that.