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Clarify your vision:


Clarify your vision: to accelerate toward success!

Have you ever felt like you needed help, but didn’t know where to start?

Well, if you’re like me and consider yourself a goal-oriented person, then you may have forecast your life out so well that now that you’ve accomplished everything you need help conjuring up a new, next-level, vision for yourself.


When I was younger, I naively was able move through life setting goals, and then just moving off the strength of my smarts, and little bit of hustle to scrapbook them together. It didn’t really matter what arena the goal was in. Whether it was finances, professional accomplishments, sports, relationships, health, academics, whatever. I would think of a broad goal, and then shoot for the stars to get there.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that strategy. That strategy works, and deserves respect. However, I’ve recently discovered the power of developing a clear and pristine vision for my goals. Some people may hear vision statement when I say that. Some may hear vision board. Others may hear visual/visible. For me, right now, I’ve been combining all of the above, to help me fabricate and craft my clear vision and target markers. This has helped me immensely in my smaller day to day actions that in reality bring the larger vision to life.


This visual vision has been paramount in helping me move toward my goal in all moments of my day. To craft this vision I’ve worked to do the following many times over:


1 – Journal about whatever I want to come to fruition.

2 – Read and Research about others that are working toward a similar vision and/or already made it happen.

3 – Watch videos depicting my vision being made in real time by people that do it.

4 – Talk to people that have my vision and/or are also actively working toward it.

5 – Sign up for activities and experiences that get me closer to my vision in some way shape or form.

6 – Over time, create the language to explain my vision clearly to someone if they were to ask me what I was looking to accomplish.

7 – Embed a pictorial/emmersive visual of myself living in my mind.

8 – When pressed with hard decisions, choose the side of someone who already has accomplished my vision more often than not.

9 – Identify and repeat positively affirmations which depict me having and owning my vision in present time. [Ex: I am a millionaire, I am a men’s physique champion, I am a business owner]


Above you’ll find quite a few different strategies and starting points you can use to clarify the vision for your life. The year isn’t over yet. And there’s never a better time than the present to invest in bringing your greatest vision of yourself to light.


Try one of the strategies listed above today. Drop your comments and thoughts below.