How to Steal Ideas Just Like Your Role Model!

The one thing your fitness motivation does that you should be doing too.

Role models do the hard work of highlighting the path so those that follow don’t have to.

Role models do the hard work of highlighting the path so those that follow don’t have to.

Family, listen, I almost never want to go to the gym. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but its not always my favorite thing to do. I still battle being too self-conscious for the gym, sometimes over thinking my workouts, or sulking about how slowly I’m making progress on my goals if at all. Maybe you can relate? Something tells me you might be able to relate.


Well, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to when I was a young whipper snapper in my grad school learning how to be a teacher. One of the tips and strategies we were deeply encouraged to internalize was to steal from other teachers. No, not their belongings or anything of value. But steal their lesson plans, teaching methods, hell steal their seating chart, anything that worked for them could possible work for you too. Anytime we saw a method that jived with our own goals and practice, we were encouraged to take it, and modify it for our own use. Why remake something from scratch when you can more easily use the mold someone else has already made for you? This is Mentorship 101.



How does this apply to fitness and life in general? Glad you asked! We millennials have grown up in a time where we have experienced life before the internet and social media, and now after! Educators and researchers everywhere are describe the changing of the guard now that almost all forms of information is accessible 24/7 at your fingertips. The Health, Fitness, and Personal Development industries are no exception.


Our current social media-era has created an explosion of fitness stars, models, and leaders all sharing pictures, tutorials, videos and content to help the average person also meet their fitness goals. Let me let you in on a little secret. They, those stars, models, & influencers want you to save their pictures, and aspire to attain their physique and better! They want you to aspire to be like them! They want you to watch their workout videos and try some of them yourself the very next day! They want you to look at their meal plan, and try a few new things to help you get 1% closer to your goals! They’re putting it out there so that the willing and able can plug in any holes in their current routines to better reach their goals.



Sometimes I talk to people and I ask them if they have pictures of their goals. Most times they hesitate and say they can locate them and send them. Once I started getting comfortable using others as inspiration I shamelessly became a screenshotter, question askers, and serial best practice explorer. I wanna encourage you to use your social media to not just connect with friends, but to connect with people that represent you and help you feel like you can live your healthiest, wealthiest, most abundant life! In whatever realms and dimensions that serves you. Friend them, save their content, screenshot and video snap their strategies, comment and engage on their posts, share them with your friends and see what everyone else thinks.


Do so un-abashingly and you just might get bold enough to try their tactics on as your own! Now wouldn’t that be something. ;)


If this helps you even 1% more to move into your dreams and your purpose leave me a comment about who you’re motivated by and how they’re helping you push toward your goal(s)!

Always, much love, and even more respect.

- Paladin