Coaching & Training

Welcome! This is your opportunity to check in with a fitness professional with over 20 years of experience with fitness and nutrition for peak everyday performance. I am a certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, natural mens physique competitor, and I hold a Masters Degree in Education. My trainings are designed to build my client’s confidence and independence in the gym.

Take a look at the various coaching options I have available below.

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1-Hr Consultation Call - $50

Would you benefit from having someone with experience to brainstorm and game plan around your health and fitness goals? Let’s get you set up with a plan for success now! This products is ideal for everyone.

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1 Hour in Person Training Session - $60

Would you benefit from an in person gym training session together? Let’s meet up and fine tune your current workout routine together. This is ideal for NYC residents.

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4 week Coaching Program - $225

Health & Fitness Goal Development

Weekly Check in Calls

Access to my health & fitness community

Customized Workouts and Tutorials

Nutrition 101

Workout 101

Tracking systems to aid success