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Welcome to my fitness shop. I live an active life as a health and fitness coach and natural bodybuilding competitor. I welcome you to browse my programs and packages. Emails are welcomed!


Video Courses & Programs

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The Body Blueprint 30-Day Video Course - $60

Program Explains:

Progress Pictures & Tracking Your Workouts

The Rule of 3 Days

Basic Human Anatomy

Cardio vs Weight Training vs BodyWeight Training


Nutrition Process

Tracking Your Daily Eating Habits

Eating for Energy

Program Includes:

30 Video lessons sent directly to your email

6 Gym Workouts with video tutorials

1 Home Workout with video tutorials

1 Stretching Routine video tutorial

Nutrition Tips, Grocery List

Regular Motivational Check Ins

Growing Community of Support


Workout 101 Webinar - $20

Viewers of this 1 hour video chat will walk away with knowledge and tools about the following:

Workout 101 Webinar - Where I cover the following:

The Human Life Cycle

DNA of a Good Workout


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Cardio - Weights - Calories

Nutrition & Digestion Basics

What Should I Eat?

Which Exercises Should I Choose?

Activity Level & Workout Scheduling

Where Should Beginners Start?

Mentors, Motivation, & Q/A


Nutrition 101 Video Chat - $20

Viewers of this 1 hour video chat will walk away with knowledge and tools about the following:

Nutrition 101 Video Chat - Where I cover the following:

Human Machine



Food as Energy

Basal Metabolic Rate

Digestive System

Fat Accumulation

Physical Activity & Calorie Counts

Tracking What You Eat

What Should I Eat?


Phone Apps

Motivation, & Q/A


Body-Part Programs

Boulder Shoulders Self-Paced Workout Program - $12

Program Includes:

Overview of Shoulder Anatomy

Workout Breakdown

2 Workouts (10 exercises total) with Video Breakdown

Access to me for questions and advice